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Event Schedule


Time: 2:00 PM - LUNCH
Location: ANOU'S HOUSE
2023 Calle Perdiz, Santa Fe, NM
Cost: $5 per person WITH FOOD
$20 per person WITHOUT FOOD

Our Speaker will be

Potluck Guidelines


Please bring one (raw, organic, vegan) dish per person (enough to feed 8 to 10 people).  Please put some time and effort into this by using established recipes so that we may have a beautiful, bountiful buffet of delicious foods for everyone to enjoy.  Please feel free to call if you need recipe suggestions, and please take FOOD COMBINING into consideration when preparing your dishes as many raw fooders are sensitive to this.  Melons do not combine well with any other foods, so they are probably not a good choice for a potluck.

 If you would like to come but can not bring a dishPLEASE call ahead!!!! to let me know so that I can prepare more food.  You would then be asked to contribute an extra $10 for the meal.  If you decide not to come after asking me to make a dish, please call to cancel so that I don't make a lot of extra food at extra cost to me.  Also, since I put a lot of time, effort and expense into the potlucks, there is a regular cost of $5/person ($10 when there is a special speaker) if you do bring a dish.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  I appreciate it greatly.

Please join me and the raw food community to meet others who are committed to a healthy lifestyle.

This is a social setting for like-minded souls to enjoy healthy, nutritious foods in community.  In order for the potlucks to continue, I am counting on your interest and support.  Please tell your friends.  They don't need to be raw fooders to attend, just health conscious people who are interested in trying raw foods and learning about this lifestyle. 

 I look forward to seeing you and your friends.

RSVP - Anou: 505-699-2416