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How I came to
Raw Living Foods

anou summer 2008I’ve known for 30 years that non-foods would be the demise of the human race.  No one believed me.  In 1979 I learned that sugar could cause mood swings, criminal behavior, depression, menstrual cramps and headaches.  I told all my friends.  I quit sugar.  When I quit sugar, I also quit drinking alcohol, coffee, animal foods and drugs.  I watched others eat. I remember the man on the New York subway in 1988 at 6:00 in the morning, dressed in a grey suit; his tie tightly knotted around his throat made him look like his head was going to explode.  His face was red.  He must have had high blood pressure.  He stuffed his face with food from McDonald’s.  He had a fish sandwich, a hamburger, a container of milk, a container of orange juice, and an order of fries.  He took a bite of the fish sandwich, then a bite of the burger.  He washed them down with a sip of milk, then a sip of juice, then a fry.  On and on it went.  I felt nauseous.  Not only was it too early in the day to be eating these foods, but I knew that he was killing himself with these foods.  I had a hard time looking at people eating unhealthy foods, because I could imagine exactly how these foods were hurting their bodies.  I could feel the arteries clogging in this man.  I could feel the heart attack coming on and the blood pressure building.  I redirected my eyes.  I went on about my day.  But I will never forget this man for as long as I live.  I realized that it doesn't matter how much information about healthis s available.  Some people just choose to ignore it.  I left New York not long after that and came to Santa Fe.  Here, at least, there are many more vegetarians and vegans.

As time passed, I learned more about food and its effects on health.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to share all my knowledge with my friends and family.  Many accused me of being opinionated and narrow-minded.  “Everything in moderation,” people told me, as if that would get them off the hook.  Sure, go ahead.  Eat poison only some of the time.  I often felt like pulling my hair out.  How could something so logical be so difficult for people to grasp?  It finally occurred to me that I was not the one who was opinionated and narrow-minded.  I was the one who had opened my mind to new ideas; I was the one who had done the research and had learned the facts.  The ones who were accusing me were actually projecting their judgments about themselves onto me.

One by one people are leaving their bodies.  Perhaps it was their destiny to leave in pain.  Perhaps it was God’s will for them to die of pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and stroke.  Perhaps it would have made no difference what they ate.  Do I really believe that?  Of course not Food is medicine.  One is what one eats.  And man cannot live by bread alone.  I am sure there are other sayings that could drive the point home.  If I eat living raw food I will live.  If I eat dead food I will die.  There is no other way to explain it.  Therefore, it’s important to remember that the body is a temple.  Take care of it.  Nurture and nourish it.  And you will live a long, disease-free and happy life.  Why not?

got juiceMy father died of cancer last year.  He had been feeling unwell for a very long time.  He lost his gall bladder about 20 years ago.  He had angina at about the same time and had to have a triple angioplasty.  His dietary habits included heavy meals of animal flesh, starches, legumes, and cream sauces.  For dessert there were pies.  For breakfast there wascheese.  No wonder his arteries were all clogged.  He used to smoke 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes a day.  He was overweight and miserable.  He rarely smiled, and his temper would flare for no reason that I could understand. 

Eventually dad decided to quit some of his bad habits.  He stopped smoking and began to eat healthier food under my guidance.  It was too late, however.  The damage had already been done.  Those tiny little pockets in his intestines would forever collect food particles and cause him excruciating pain.  He would forever be tired, dizzy, and unhappy.  He had bladder cancer brewing.  The raw food kept it at bay; however, after my grandmother died, and my mother lost interest in being healthy and happy, he went back to eating poorly.  Dad’s bladder cancer exploded and spread to his liver.  His kidneys were failing.  Finally there was no hope.  He had accepted his fate.  He was glad to be dying.  As he got close to death he uttered some childhood words, called out to his mother and finally drifted off to the other side uttering the word “mort."  Death came calmly to my dad.  He went willingly.  I can't help but wonder how much happier he would have been, and how much longer he would have lived, if he had adopted a healthier diet at the first sign of disease.  Oh well. 

Now, knowing how excruciatingly debilitating it is to suffer from chronic disease and pain, I have made it my life's work to help others avoid that fate.