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To Schedule a Session

To schedule an appointment, call or e-mail me, indicating what days/times within the next several weeks work best for you. Sometimes appointments are available at short notice.

Coaching Sessions

  • Transition to a healthier diet, with more raw foods

  • Weight loss

  • Nutritional support


  • 30 minute strategy session at no charge.

  • Fees based on individual client needs.

  • Please call for an appointment.
  • Learn the benefits of organic foods

  • Learn the benefits of raw living foods

  • Get support for detoxification and
    cleansing reactions

  • Get support during the transition
    to raw foods

  • Lose weight easily and painlessly

  • Raw Food Preparation Classes - For Groups of 3 or more

  • Private Raw Food Preparation Class

Additional Services

Astrological Counseling

  • Natal charts

  • Relationship and composite charts

  • Transits and progressions