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Why Living Foods?

rawfoodsWhole, live foods carry electrochemical energy and other complex nutritional messages that vibrate with frequencies that energize your body.

Raw, Live fruits and vegetables contain all  the original vitamins, minerals and essential enzymes which are  easily destroyed by heat. Eating raw foods builds your immune system making you more resistant to disease and allergies. Oils, animal fats, nuts and seeds are  chemically changed by heating, creating toxic substances harmful  to the body.

You have more energy & vitality when you eat raw foods.

You look better & healthier when you eat raw foods.

You can lose weight quickly & easily without counting calories or limiting how much you eat.

Many people heal chronic diseases by eating  a raw, living foods - often in addition to fasting, juicing, exercising and meditating.

Live, raw foods cleanse the palate so foods  taste better - everything tastes so good that you probably won’t  even miss cooking!

The info was taken from

The Live Food Factor

101 Reasons why you should eat Raw 

Pictures of some wonderful meals

save the tuna

Save the Tuna Pate stuffed in tomatoes.

carrot celery root salad

Carrot and Celery root saladSalads

Saladthe works

Thanksgiving table - Faux turkey, mashed potatoes, faux salmon.salads2

Green Saladfaux salmon

Faux Salmonpomogranate

Pomogranate and Orange Saladsalad3

Mixed green salad with sprouts and red pepperssea weed

Sea Weed Salad with carrots.string beans

String Bean Saladtable

Thanksgiving potluck tablestuffing


dinner 2

Wonderful salad with snap peas, kale, collards, mixed green lettuces, grape tomatoes, and onions.

dinner 1

Greens, Avocado, Cucumber salad, hummus and Sunny Pate in red peppers with lots of tomatoes.dinner 4

Zucchini Putanesca - zucchini spaghetti, olives, tomatoes, capers, with olive oil and lemon juice.

dinner 3

Pizza with hummus and cucumber-tomato salad with black sundried olives and a side green salad. dinner 7

Zucchini putanesca, green salad with seaweed and avocado. dinner 5

Green beans, baby bok choy, tomatoes and hummus with sunny pate and a delicious sesame-miso dressing.dinner 9

Mixed greens, snap peas, avocados, carrot salad, beet spaghetti and bok choy.dinner 7

Hummus on a cabbage leaf with olives and a side of salad with miso sesame dressing.gefilte fish

2009 Passover - moc gefilte fish2009 - Passover - The Tableseder plate

2009 Passover - Seder plate dixie chicken'

2009 Passover - Dixie Chicken non chicken soup - made with daikon juice. Suprisingly delicious!passover dinner

The passover dishesmacaroons

2009 Passover - Coconut macaroonsseder table

The Seder Table

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