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Living Foods Workshops

A concentrated curriculum designed to teach you how to prepare delicious recipes and manage a raw - living foods lifestyle

rainbowVisit the Land of Enchantment

(Travel expenses not included)

Call  505-699-2416 for information

E-mail inquiries to


Program of Study:

  • Individualized plans designed to meet your dietary needs

  • Discussion of any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health and lifestyle issues.

  • Individualized instruction on how to choose and select organic ingredients with the highest nutritional values and how to effectively prepare them in a delicious, raw and appetizing manner.

  • Discussion of general principles of good nutrition and food combining to maximize proper enzyme utilization.

  • Introduction to soaking and sprouting nuts and seeds.

  • Lear how to maintain a raw, living foods diet in any social circumstance.

All of this designed in an environment created to enhance your culinary and lifestyle choices

  • Accommodations include private room and private bath in quiet, centrally located Santa Fe neighborhood.

Friday to Monday

  • 3 nights and 3 days - All meals and recipe instructions  included.

Three-Day Curriculum

Wednesday to Wednesday

  • 7 nights and 7 days - All meals and recipe instructions included.

Seven-Day Curriculum

living room

The Dining Room


Thanksgiving Day Potluck Table

Images of Santa Fe




Rio En Medio Waterfall

rio enmedio

Rock out-cropping

sun filtered path

A sun-filtered path in the mountains

Sangre De Cristos

Sangre De Cristos after a snowfall